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PubNub Civic Hack Challenge and $5000 in Cash Prizes

Win a total of $5,000 in cash prizes: just use PubNub & PubNub BLOCKS!

Hackathon Guide - http://bit.ly/pnnychallenge

We’ve been crossing the globe asking developers to create applications that will benefit your local government or community. It can be a mobile app, IOT or Web Application. Level it up by using any one of our many partner BLOCKS, like Esri for mapping or Clarifai for computer vision.
Or better yet, create your own custom PubNub block and you can connect to just about any API in the room.

We've created a Hackathon Guide to get you started. The link above includes everything you need to win PubNub's Civic Hack Challenge, including, rules, our thought starters to help you flesh out that winning idea, even sample data.

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